Maida Cat Sitter Testimonial. Tanya - Cat: Anouk

"I can’t say enough good things about The Notting Hill Cat Sitting Company and their fabulous Maida Vale Cat Sitter services. I’ve had my sweet little Persian Anouk for 11 years now and while she is warm and cuddly with me it takes her a long time to warm up to strangers. From the first time Anita came to look after Anouk, I received updated text messages on her behaviour while I was away along with pictures of her and upon my return I always found that Anita would go the extra mile and bring her a little toy as well.

With all of my other petsitters, I always wondered if they actually spent time with Anouk and played with her and that was never the case with Anita. She updated me almost every day on her activities, her appetite, her sleep and playing habits. She gave me advice on better bowls for cats with flat faces and even picked them up for me while I was away! Additionally, she gave me suggestions on toys that would help keep Anouk entertained while I was working long hours at work. I definitely got the benefit of some feline psychology advice in addition to her stellar petsitting services.

Recently, I got a last minute call from my company asking me to leave the next day for minimum six weeks (it ended up being more) and in a panic I called Anita asking for her advice. She worked out a schedule to come every day for the entire length of my stay, an absolute lifesaver. She sent me pictures and videos (the best to see the two of them playing together!) and kept me updated while I was away allowing me to relax and feel truly comfortable that Anouk was getting a lot of love and attention in my absence. Anita worked her magic and my shy little cat was certainly won over by her!

As much as I hated being away, I had absolute trust and confidence leaving her with Anita. Now that I’ve found out I have to relocate back to New York City, I’m so disappointed I won’t be able have Anita as my petsitter. She is by far the best, most caring and capable petsitter I’ve ever had! I would recommend her to anybody looking for a caring, trustworthy, cat expert to spend time with your cats. If you are looking for somebody to come and give your cat food and water every other day and leave, she is not that person. She’ll go above and beyond every time and has now made all other pet sitters look inferior to me. Highly recommended!! Thanks again, I appreciate it so much!!"

If you have found yourself on this page and need a Maida Vale cat sitter, then you've come to the best cat care company to look after your cat during your travels.

Why Choose This Maida Vale Cat Sitter?

We are based in the heart of Notting Hill, which is 5 minutes from Maida Vale | All the vets in the area know us well and recommend our cat sitting service | We have impeccable client references. Please feel free to ask for our client's email if you wish to personally contact them for a reference | We don't hire strangers - The Notting Hill Cat Sitting Company is a small family-run business | Full Public Liability Insurance | Last minute bookings not a problem | Our secure and easily accessible key-holding service is also helpful to clients who have locked themselves out | Open 365 days a year | We are the only Bayswater Cat Sitter with our own fully qualified and accredited resident cat behaviourist | Clients receive regular updates via text, email, WhatsApp etc | medication including insulin injections no problem