Notting Hill Cat Grooming For Clients During Their Cat Sitting

The Notting Hill Cat Sitting Company offers a premier cat grooming service by cat behaviourist Anita Kelsey, who has years of experience and industry recognised certification. We provide your cat with first class cat grooming whilst you are away. This service is offered for long haired breed of cats such as Persians, Norwegian Forest, Maine Coons and Rag-dolls. Cats that enjoy the grooming process can experience a professional groom at the highest standard although cats that do not enjoy the process can be groomed upon your return, with you present.


Regardless of whether it’s a 2 week planned holiday, a weekend away, a business trip, Easter or Xmas break, or maybe a last minute unexpected trip connected to work, Anita Kelsey can be on hand to give your cat a professional gentle grooming session. We assure master quality cat grooming and guarantee 100% client satisfaction. Your cat will be in tip top condition when you return

Testimonial - Sally, Bayswater

"Leaving Grits and Bailey for three weeks was really heart-wrenching for us, but getting the regular updates and photos from The Notting Hill Cat Sitting Company was incredibly reassuring. They have also been a wealth of advice on how to address Bailey's nervousness and feeding issues. A great all-round experience!"

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Testimonial - Tanya, Maida Vale

"I can't say enough good things about The Notting Hill Cat Company and their fabulous pet-sitting services. They worked their magic and my shy little cat was won over by them. They go above and beyond every time and have now made all other pet-sitters look inferior to me. Highly recommended!"

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Testimonial - Tara, Notting Hill

"Super-accessible, professional, experienced, kind and generous. It was not until we went away that we truly appreciated the wonderful care Leo was receiving by evidence of daily emails and video updates. It was reassuring to know that even though we were 3,000 miles away, Leo was getting the attention he needs."

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Notting Hill Cat Grooming

By contacting us for your Notting Hill Cat Grooming, we would like you to feel confident that you've found the very best holistic cat groomer, friendly, reliable and trustworthy. We can continue to care for your cats grooming needs throughout the coming years. Anita, your cat groomer, is highly competent, local to the area and available all year round, especially for any last minute grooming emergencies. We offer an unique and personalised cat grooming solution without your cat being taken to a stressful dog grooming parlour or the vets.


Cat grooming request emails answered within 24 hours | Free cat grooming advice | Your grooming tools checked | All year round cat grooming | bathing and de-matting| toys given on all cat grooming sessions | All cat hair cleaned up | gentle holistic handling | No muzzling or scruffing | Ears and eyes cleaned and checked | Nails clipped | Grooming update via video footage and/or photographs | Last minute cat grooming requests no problem | No stress with your cat | Based in Notting Hill so grooming emergencies dealt with straight away | Hygiene trims covered | dry cat grooming baths | Coat conditioned |

Basically if you want the best possible care for your cat whilst you are away, whether it’s one, two or three cats, an elderly or timid cat or even a grumpy cat, we have expert qualified cat carers who are on call daily and available all year round.


We can also assist you if you have a more specialist cat grooming request such as a lion cut due to severe matting:

Partial or Lion Cuts
A cat that requires a through comb through
A cat that requires de-matting
A cat that requires a bath

Here at The Notting Hill Cat Sitting Company our family works by being exceptionally driven, but also sensitive in our work ethics. Regardless of your Notting Hill Cat Grooming needs, we take the greatest care in providing you with the service you need.


For further information on your Notting Hill Cat Grooming and what options are available, as well as a price list, Please Email Us or fill out the form below giving us your dates, telling us about your cats and giving us your postcode and grooming requirements. Please also state if any specialist care is required. All enquires are most welcome. We look forward to discussing your cat grooming requirements for the future.