Notting Hill Cat Sitting Frequently Asked Questions

"This may be the first time you are thinking of hiring a cat sitter and so we have put together a list of frequently asked questions below. Please do always ask if you cannot see your question on the list. Our Notting Hill Cat Sitting Frequently Asked Questions page should provide you with all of the answers you need for the best cat care around."

Booking / payment questions

What areas do you cover?
The Notting Hill Cat Sitting Company offers in home cat care in Notting Hill, Holland Park, Ladbroke Grove, Westbourne Park, Maida Vale, Bayswater and Royal Oak
How do I register with you, as a new client and what happens after that?
Your initial enquiry email should include your holiday dates. We will then get back to you with a quote. If you wish to book us, you will be sent several registration forms and a free first home visit consultation is arranged to conclude your booking
If I live outside of your catchment area what can you offer me?
We have close relationships with several cat sitters in the areas just outside of our own areas listed above. We would offer you a personal recommendation depending on where you live. We only recommend cat sitters we trust 100% and whom we respect.
How do I book you as a future client?
Once you are registered with us you can call, text or email any future cat sitting requests. Email is the preferred booking method as we like to have your dates in writing and for our records.
What are you charges?
Our usual cat sitting charges are £15 a visit for local areas up to one mile. £17 if over a mile. Bank holidays, The Carnival Period, Xmas Day, New Years Day and Easter are charged double.
Do you work over bank holidays and xmas?
The Notting Hill Cat Sitting Company is open all year round.
How do you accept payment?
We prefer a bank transfer when your booking dates are confirmed. Full payment is required to confirm your cat sitting with us.
How far ahead can I book?
We already have bookings for 2017 so yes! We do ask that it is no further than a year ahead though
What about last minute cat sitting requests?
We are usually fine with last minute requests. Many of our clients are business travellers so we are used to being asked for last minute cat sitting cover. We charge an extra £5 to each sit if we are contacted on the day of the sitting period. If we are away then it is probably difficult for us to arrange sitting on the day of contact. Most last minute sitting gives us a day or two to organise.
Are you insured?
The Notting Hill Cat Sitting Company is fully insured with Cliverton. They are the best insurance company for animal related business's
What is your cancellation policy?
. Cancellations must be received no later than 7 days of scheduled first date or full balance is required unless it is exceptional unforeseen circumstances. During busy holiday periods any cancellation made within two weeks of first scheduled date is liable to the full fee.
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Notting Hill Cat Sitting Frequently Asked Questions

Sitting and Cat Questions

Will I get the same sitter on each visit?
The Notting Hill Cat Sitting Company is a small family run business. We try to ensure that the same sitter is always available. We never hire sitters outside of the family unless we are away on holiday. If this is the case, a trusted local sitter will be on hand to assist. We only use one or two sitters to assist us during holiday periods. These sitters own their own animal related business's and hold their own PL insurance. They are also covered on our insurance. They come 100% recommended by us.
How long are your cat sits?
Each visit is 30 minutes although longer sits can be arranged. Please contact us for full cat care options.
What do you offer for kittens or elderly cats?
We strongly recommend kittens or elderly cats are booked for 2 visits a day. Other options are available such as live in care. This ensures that your cat(s) receive 24/7 care and attention within their own familiar territory. Please contact us for full cat care options.
Is there a limit on how many cat you sit in my household?
We sit up to three cats per household. For larger feline groups there may be an extra surcharge. This is due to the extra time it takes to clean and care for a large multi-house cat environment.
Do you sit any other pets?
Our company mainly sits cats but we can offer care for other small animals such as fish, birds, reptiles, hamsters, rabbits and gerbils etc
What happens if my cat needs medication?
The giving of any medication is free. Insulin injections are also free. We have been working with cats for over 10 years and offer premium care for cats that require special attention. We will ask for clear instructions and stick to them.
What happens if my cat falls ill during your visits?
All veterinary information will be held on record for your cat. Emergencies will be dealt with effectively. We know all local vets and your cat will be taken to the vet they are registered with or an out of hours emergency vet. Our taxi service is on hand for vet emergencies or a cab will be called. We have certificates in first aid. On record will be a signed vet release form which gives us and your vet permission to deal with medical emergencies. Having studied cats intensively we also know when a cat may be showing signs of abnormality and will always contact you to alert you. You will be kept up to date at all times of any medical emergency. We will do everything in our power to help your cat in any emergency situation
Does my cat need to be registered with a vet?
Yes. All cats and kittens need to be registered with a local vet in case of any unexpected emergencies. If you are not registered with a local vet then please give me a call to register before you leave for your holiday. Most vets will easily register someone over the phone if you cannot go in personally. For a list of recommended vets please do contact us.
Do my cats need up to date vaccinations?
Your vaccinations are between your vet and yourself. We do not need to become involved with this. Your vet should be able to advise you accordingly but we accept cats whether they are up to date or not.
What happens to my cat if my return is delayed on my holiday?
We will continue to offer cat sitting cover should you be delayed.
What do I do if my cat is aggressive but I need cat care?
We are the only cat sitting company with an in-house accredited feline behaviourist who has worked with many aggressive cats. We usually know how to approach cat sitting for unsociable, nervous or aggressive cats but we would ask that we are told of the extent of any behaviour issues so we can plan your cat's care accordingly.
What times do you visit my home for cat sitting?
We cannot give exact timings because every day is different. Cats on medication are always visited first. AM visits are usually between 9am and 5pm. PM visits are usually between 7pm - 9pm
What happens to my key after your last visit?
We never leave clients keys in the home on our last visit due to unexpected delays. We have a key holding service and a secure safe which client have access too
What happens during your visits?
We clean all cat related stuff (Feeding bowls, litter trays, sick or fur balls), we feed and change the water, we pick up any mail, turn lights on and off to look like someone is home but most important of all, we play with and cuddle your cat to the last second before we leave. Cats that wish to be alone will be respected and we sit quietly at a distance.
Can my free roaming cat go outside whilst I am away?
If you have a cat flap then this is no problem. If your cat needs a human to let it in and out then we advise leaving your cat inside until you return unless we are hired for live in cat sitting
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Notting Hill Cat Sitting Frequently Asked Questions

Other Services On Offer

We offer a secure key holding service as well as a secure safe whereby clients can pick or or deposit their keys. Our key holding service has proved invaluable for local clients who may find themselves locked out.
If you are local to the area of W11 we can offer a premium live in service. We base ourselves in your home and care for your cat as we would our own. This option is great for cats that suffer from separation anxiety, kittens, elderly or ill cats.
Although we cannot board cats in our own home, due to our own cats, we can offer cat boarding via our trusted contacts. Several of the sitters that help us out during our holidays can assist with cat boarding as well as other trusted friends (fully insured by us) so please do ask.
We offer a shopping service for cat food and litter should you run out during our sitting period. Shopping is charged at £15 plus the cost of the food or litter.
Anita Kelsey, the founder of The Notting Hill Cat Sitting Company, is a master level cat groomer and can groom your cats in the comfort of their home whilst you are away. Please contact us for a quote.
Anita Kelsey, the founder of The Notting Hill Cat Sitting Company, has a first class degree in Feline Behaviour and Psychology and runs a vet referral behaviour practice. Please speak to your vet for a referral
Notting Hill Cat Sitting Frequently Asked Questions

Notting Hill Cat Sitting Frequently Asked Questions

"We hope our Notting Hill Cat Sitting Frequently Asked Questions page have answered your questions. Please feel free to contact us should you have any further questions. "